Michaela Pěničková


Mrs. Pěničková is a loyal client of Komerční pojišťovna. She does not rely on luck and wants good insurance products.

Mrs. Pěničková selected unit-linked life insurance because anything can happen in her life, and this is a way to save some money. She also appreciates the benefits of Merlin payment card insurance. She decided to use this product after she lost her card twice. In addition to different types of insurance, Mrs. Pěničková also uses Komerční banka's financial products. Her current account serves for basic transactions, such as payments for energy and internet fees. She had also opened a saving account to be able to save money that she does not need at the moment, yet which she can access immediately if the situation changes. With a consumer loan, Michaela partly covered the purchase of a car, and she took a mortgage when she decided to buy her own flat. She moved from a municipal flat to her own, with 3 rooms and a kitchen, at the edge of Prague.