Martin Borecký

Jílové u Prahy

“At the end of 2011 we arranged a mortgage to build a family house. At the same time I concluded risk life insurance with Komerční pojišťovna.”

Having lived in the city, the family of Mr. Borecký found out that it is not the right thing for them and started thinking about a family house. There were several reasons: they always wished to live outside Prague, wanted to have the security of their own house and, last but not least, were thinking about their children. They bought a piece of land in Jílové u Prahy from their own resources but had to take a mortgage for the construction of a house. When they saw the conditions offered by Komerční banka, they were not even looking for any other alternative. And since a mortgage is a big, longterm liability, Mr. Borecký decided to conclude a risk life insurance with Komerční pojišťovna to protect his family against any inability to repay the mortgage in case of unfavourable situations.