Hana Pánková


“Five years ago I decided to conclude Komerční pojišťovna's unit-linked life insurance. It secures me in case of an unexpected situation in my life or an injury, and it offers an attractive appreciation of the money invested. I also use travel insurance, provided for free with my KB payment card.”

Mrs. Pánková thinks that one should think about all possible situations and to avoid potential problems. Years ago, she was therefore looking for an insurance product that would both allow her to save enough money to use in her old age and to cover the risks brought by everyday life. She likes sports, namely cycling and in-line roller skating. Both these sports are very popular, so cycling paths are crowded and busy traffic means a higher risk of accident. She also drives a lot. Sports and her car are inevitable parts of her life and bring a certain degree of risk to it. If something happened, the provided insurance benefits ensure that Mrs. Pánková and her family would maintain a decent standard of living. And the saved money will allow her to live fully when she retires, for example to travel as she does now. And Komerční pojišťovna, specifically her payment card, provides her with travel insurance. It is automatically provided with the card, so Mrs. Pánková does not have to take care of paying anything before her foreign trips.