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  • 11. 10. 2010

    The new Guaranteed Fund Forte 4 within Vital Invest insurance was launched on 11th October 2010. It guarantees 100% return on the investment into the fund upon the fund‘s maturity (after deduction of administrative costs) and it brings opportunity to achieve a 30% yield in the third year provided that the basket of risky assets grows. More

  • 1. 9. 2010

    Since 1st September 2010 Komerční pojišťovna, a. s., together with Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, a. s., offers you a new Risk life insurance Pyramida. This insurance protects you and your beloved against consequences of unexpected life situations.  In case of death or total disability, Komerční pojišťovna pays the balance of loan at Modrá pyramida. If you lose your job or you become inable to work, Komerční pojišťovna pays regular installments instead of you. This new insurance you can arrange also without any link to Modrá pyramida loan. More information

  • 12. 8. 2010

    In 2Q 2010, Komerční pojišťovna confirmed its position as the second most important insurance company on the life market. Komerční pojišťovna’s business results for the first half of 2010 confirm clients’ growing demand for one-off investments under life assurance policies. In life assurance, premium written increased by 180% year-on-year and amounted to CZK 5.16 billion. With its market share of 15.1%, Komerční pojišťovna has therefore maintained its second position on the life market.

  • 18. 1. 2010

    The new Guaranteed Fund Forte 2 was launched on 18th January 2010. It is a part of the Vital Invest insurance and guarantees that the clients will receive their investment increased by a yield ranging from 13% to 52% as of the maturity of the fund. More.

  • 9. 12. 2009

    Credit card insurance Vega by Komerční pojišťovna now brings to all Essox clients wider risk coverage and higher limits of indemnities.

  • 29. 10. 2009

    Time limited offer in range of Vital Invest - investment into the Guaranteed Fund Forte with minimum 13% yield guaranteed as of the maturity date of the fund. More.

  • 29. 10. 2009

    Insurance programmes of Travel insurance on payment cards with new Insurance conditions since November 1st.

  • 31. 7. 2009

    Komerční pojišťovna brings you new children life insurance Brouček. Brouček offers you interesting appreciation and insurance protection of child and adult at the same time. You can arrange Brouček on all branches of Komerční banka.


For more information call the Client Service of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.