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Basic information about the company

Company name: Komerční pojištovna, a.s.
Legal form: public limited company
Date of establishment: 1 September 1995
Registered office: Prague 8, Karolinská 1/650
Corporate ID: 63998017, incorporated with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 3362
Tax number: CZ699001182
GIIN: QQA6ZW.00107.ME.203
LEI: 549300XT5NIAS5W8RH41
Shareholders: SOGECAP S.A., Tour D2 - 17 bis, place des Reflets, 92919 Paris La Défense 2, France (51% of the registered capital)
Komerční banka, a.s., Prague 1, Na Příkopě 33, Corporate ID: 45317054 (49% of the registered capital)
Registered capital: CZK 1,175,397,600
  • insurance
  • reinsurance based on transferring a part of the assumed risk to the reinsurer
  • activities related to insurance and reinsurance
  • prevention
  • entering into intermediary contracts for insurance arrangements to KP´s benefit with natural or legal entities located in the territory of the Czech Republic
Statutory bodies:
  • General Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Supervisory Board

The company is a member of the Société Générale Group - (external link), KB - (external link) Financial Group and of the Czech Insurance Association (ČAP) - (external link).

Detailed information about the use and protection of clients´ personal data in Komerční pojišťovna, a.s. can be found here - (new-window).


For more information call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.

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