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Vital Premium – Description

Vital Premium life insurance suits all clients who seek a guaranteed above-standard appreciation of their investments. Moreover, the invested premium is available to the client at any time.

Vital Premium savings insurance helps you maximise the return on your finances. It is insurance with a lump sum premium in the minimum amount of CZK 5 million.

The invested premium is appreciated by minimum total appreciation which is announced at the beginning of each year. This rate already includes a certain estimate of shares in profit.

Vital Premium enables you to carry out extraordinary withdrawals, free of any charges, any time within the insurance period. Apart from this, the product allows you to set up regular partial withdrawals of paid premiums as well.

In the insurance contract you can determine who shall receive the insurance indemnity and thus avoid probate proceedings. Thanks to this, the insurance indemnity is paid out no later than within 2 weeks of the delivery of all necessary documents. The insurance indemnity is not subject to inheritance tax.

Minimum guaranteed yearly appreciation for year 2021 is set by 0,7% p. a.

How to arrange the insurance

For more information, call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10; or contact the KB Info Line 800 111 055 to make a personal appointment.

Insurance terms and conditions

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