Risk life insurance tied to the KB mortgage loan – Advantages

The risk life insurance Pyramida was particularly designed in order to secure clients´ loans of Modrá pyramida or mortgage loans of Komerční banka. This insurance will protect you and your family if any unfavourable events occur. In cases you are not able to repay your loan, the insurance company will pay it instead of you. You and your loved ones will have a secured living without more financial worries.

Advantages of the risk life insurance for a mortgage loan:

  • possibility to obtain a lower interest rate to the mortgage loan
  • large range of insured risks will secure you in any difficult life situations
  • premium payments start at the moment of using the loan
  • decrease in the premium after an extraordinary loan instalment
  • the insurance can be simply arranged together with the mortgage loan at one point of sale

How to arrange the insurance

You can obtain our products at any branch of Komerční banka. For more information call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.

Insurance terms and conditions

Information for Persons Interested in Insurance and Insurance terms and conditions are available only in czech language.

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