Insurance to Essox credit cards – Description

The payment protection insurance will allow you to use your credit card issued by Essox company without any worries. Our insurance will help you with your loan repayments if any adverse situations arise.

This insurance is part of Futuro credit cards, credit cards issued by T-Mobile and others.

The payment protection insurance will protect you against many unpleasant situations when using and repaying the loan on your credit card. It incorporates several types of insurance against events that any of us may, unfortunately, encounter. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to repay your loan and in such a case the insurance company is here to help you.

  • Insurance against death
    Should an insured event occur, the insurance company will repay the debt on your credit card. Your family therefore need not worry about the credit repayments.
  • Insurance against total disability
    Should the insured become totally disabled, the insurance company will also repay the remaining debt on his/her credit card.
  • Insurance against working inability
    Should you be on long term sick leave, your income will certainly decrease. You do not need to be afraid that you may not have enough money to repay your loan. We will cover your monthly instalments for the necessary period.
  • Insurance against loss of job
    Should you lose your job, e.g. due to organisational changes within the company, and will be unemployed for a longer period of time, your financial reserve may not be sufficient to cover your liabilities. The insurance company will therefore pay the instalments of your credit card debt beginning on the third month of your unemployment until you find a new job (however, for the maximum period of 4 months).

All these types of insurance are already included in the price of your credit card. So you are fully insured without the need for any extra payment.

How to arrange the insurance?

You obtain the insurance together with the credit card from the representatives of Essox company. For more information contact Customer Services at 810 800 088.

You can also ask for more information at the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.

Insurance terms and conditions

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