Insurance of Essox consumer car loans – Description

If you have a car loan from Essox, you do not need to worry because the payment protection insurance is tied to your loan.

The payment protection insurance tied to the car provided by Essox s.r.o.:

  • insurance against death
    If the insured dies, the insurance company settles the current debt balance to the bank.
  • insurance against total disability
    In case of total disability, the insurance company will pay the monthly loan instalments to the bank instead of the client for the period of the total disability duration.
  • insurance against inability to work
    Should the insured be on long-term sick leave, the insurance company will pay the loan instalments to the bank for him/her always in the monthly instalment amount proportionate to the length of the illness.
  • insurance against loss of job
    If the insured loses his/her job not through his/her own fault but, for example, due to organisational changes in the company, the insurance company will pay his/her loan instalments beginning with the third month of unemployment.

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