Lady karta – Description

Insurance to credit cards Lady issued by Komerční banka.

This insurance is automatically provided to Lady Cards issued by Komerční banka.

This credit card includes the following types of insurance:

  • Purchase protection insurance:
    Protection of your shopping against theft, robbery or damage.
  • Extended warranty insurance:
    Extension of the statutory warranty period by 1 year.
  • Internet delivery insurance:
    Reimbursement for the cost of wrongly delivered, damaged or broken goods purchased via the Internet.
  • Best price insurance:
    Reimbursement for the difference in prices of the purchased goods and the same goods in a different store.
  • Ticket cancellation insurance:
    Reimbursement for the tickets unused because of an illness or a natural disaster.
  • Home assistance insurance:
    Arrangement of a necessary repair in the case of an accident in your flat. Delivery of needed medicines in the case of your inability to work.
  • Life style insurance:
    Arrangement of reservations, delivery services or provision of required information, etc.
  • Bag insurance:
    Protection against robbery of your bag or its usual contents.

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