Insurance against misuse of a card – Super Vega – Description

Do you want to have your credit card from Essox always on you without worrying what would happen if you lost it or had it stolen? Then the Vega insurance is the perfect choice for you.

This insurance will protect you against the consequences of the misuse of your credit card and against the misuse of your mobile phone if it is stolen, including the below listed situations.

Vega insurance is designed for the holders of all credit cards issued by Essox. This insurance will provide you with financial compensation if someone misuses your credit card for his/her shopping. However, that is not all. Should you withdraw cash from an ATM and have it stolen afterwards, or if someone takes your mobile phone and uses it, or if you lose your keys and identity documents – Vega insurance will cover your loss. It will indemnify you for the stolen cash, contribute to replacing your mobile phone and cover the cost of keys and identity documents replacement. Indemnity by theft or damage of the goods which is paid by card and guarantee of a best price.

Indemnity limits in CZK
Misuse of the card by a third person
- Payment in a shop
- Withdrawal of cash from an ATM or at a branch of the bank

Theft of cash or withdrawal from an ATM under threat and duress 5,000
Misuse of mobile phone 3,000
Cost of mobile phone replacement 3,000
Loss or theft of keys 3,000
Loss or theft of identity documents 500
Purchase protection 20 000
Best price 20 000
Annual premium 600

What to do in case of…?

Should an insured event occur, contact Komerční pojišťovna a.s. at (+420) 222 095 888.

How to arrange the insurance?

You obtain the insurance together with the credit card from the representatives of Essox company. For more information contact Customer Services at 810 800 088.

You can also ask for more information at the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.

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