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Program Vital – Description

The life insurance Program Vital helps the employer motivate its employees through increasing financial remuneration. It also gives the employer an opportunity to utilize the advantages given in the Income Tax Act.

Program Vital is capital life insurance designed for companies and their employees. The companies can remunerate their employees via this insurance. Thus they will motivate them and increase employees´ loyalty and satisfaction. Unlike in the case of a direct increase in wages, from this financial contribution the employer does not have to pay any public social and health insurance. Moreover, this contribution is a fully tax deductible cost.

Naturally, the employee him/herself can also pay the premiums. The contributions sent by the employee are considered tax deductible items and are not subject to income tax.

In Program Vital, employees may conclude an individual insurance contract for Vital Allegro. It is a saving product that provides a guaranteed appreciation of deposited finances and, in addition, crediting of other shares in the insurance company´s profit. If the insured dies, the insurance company pays out an amount equal to the value (reserve) at the moment of the death.

This insurance serves as a tool for accumulation of a sufficient financial reserve that will satisfy future needs or maintain the existing standard of living even when retired.

How to arrange the insurance

You can obtain our products at any branch of Komerční banka. For more information call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.

Insurance terms and conditions

Information for Persons Interested in Insurance and Insurance terms and conditions are available only in czech language.

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