Accident insurance to Sphere Card – Description

The Sphere Card offers you now another advantage – accident insurance. This insurance automatically becomes part of your card and you do not pay for it.

How to proceed in case of an insured event?

The insured or the beneficiary must deliver the notification of their insured event in writing as soon as possible, however, no later than within 30 days of the accident’s occurrence.

The submission of any claim must include:

  • Notification of Insured Event – Sphere Card Accident Insurance form completed in a true and thorough manner.
  • Filing number of the insured’s contract – it is the filing number of the additional pension insurance contract which is written in your annual statements or which can be obtained upon request at PF KB via telephone 272 173 172 or e-mail
  • Detailed description of the circumstances of the accident and names of all potential witnesses; possibly also a police report, if available.
  • Medical report, confirming the nature and extent of all bodily injuries and providing an accurate diagnosis, or possibly a death certificate (original or certified copy) and legal documents proving the identity of all beneficiaries. (In case of the death of the insured, the beneficiaries are specified by the Civil Code).

The insurer may require other documents necessary for the settlement of the claim.

Should you need any information about the Sphere Card or the additional pension insurance provided by the company Penzijní fond Komerční banky, a.s., do not hesitate to contact:

How to arrange the insurance

You will obtain the insurance together with the Sphere Card. The Sphere Card is issued by Penzijní fond KB.

Insurance terms and conditions