Komerční pojišťovna

Unit-linked insurance Travel insurance Insurance for my child Insurance for my family and myself Insurance for a loan Insurance for my employees Insurance for a card

I want unit-linked insurance - Make an easy investment with a reliable financial partner. Use our flexible life insurance offering a wide range of funds, including the guaranteed interest fund, and the possibility to arrange a rider.

I want travel insurance - Travel without worrying! Use our travel insurance against all events.

I want insurance for my child - Save some money for your children to have something when they start their own life. Or insure them against theft of their payment card, documents and personal belongings.

I want insurance for my family and myself - Protect your family under any circumstances! Use our life insurance against unexpected life events.

I want insurance for my employees - Offer a little extra to your employees! Use our life insurance and its tax advantages.

I want insurance for my card - Pay by card without any worries! Eliminate the consequences of a possible misuse of your card. Use it as a guarantee that the debt on your credit card will be repaid.

The Best Life Insurance Company of 2017 (second place) The Best Life Insurance Company of 2015 (first place) World Finance Insurance Awards 2012 World Finance Insurance Awards 2013 World Finance Insurance Awards 2014


  • 1. 11. 2017

    Komerční pojišťovna succeeded in the ninth year of the Hospodářské noviny Award winning 2nd place in the category Best Life Insurance Company 2017. We greatly appreciate this award and thank all our clients for their favor.